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  • iDirect

    South East

    +44 (0)1753 410900

    From the beginning, iDirect has taken a visionary role in VSAT, helping to shape the industry by breaking down long-standing barriers. In a landmark innovation, we developed an IP-based system that …

  • IrvinGQ


    +44 (0) 1656 727000

    IrvinGQ brings to you our specialist and proven products and services from our world-leading Aerial Delivery solutions, Personnel Parachutes, Rescue, Safety & Survival equipment and Naval Decoy systems.
    We preserve the in…

  • KBR

    South East

    +44 (0) 1372 865 000

    KBR designs and delivers solutions to the most complex challenges facing the public and private sectors. We create, transform and sustain assets and organisations; from making soldiers’ lives better by rehousing the British A…

  • Kirintec

    West Midlands

    01989 568350

    Kirintec is known for security and defence counter terrorism solutions in ECM, IED and EOD. In particular we are known for our world class jammers – Mercury and Rebus.
    However we also offer rigging line cables, Kirintec kits…