The aerospace, defence, security and space sectors contributed a combined £37bn in value add to the UK economy in 2021/2. Our sectors are vital to the UK’s future economic success and prosperity and our nation’s security and international influence.

417,000 direct employees are at the heart of our four sectors and the workforce demonstrates hard work and dedication that enables the UK to celebrate such international success.

Collectively our sectors support more than 20,200 apprenticeships, a number that is rising despite the impact of the pandemic on manufacturing production.

Unique workforce capability


Generating UK advantage

The UK is home to a unique workforce capability that generates UK advantage.

Investment and collective action are needed to identify the future roles and skills required to grow our sectors capabilities and meet the demands of the future such as Net Zero.

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Career Pathways: Apprenticeships

Our sectors employ 20,200 apprentices throughout the UK. Our members provide high quality apprenticeship programmes that attract talented, curious minds to enhance the UK’s competitive edge and secure UK advantage.

Future Skills: Aerospace Engineering

Future aerospace engineering roles will require a combination of traditional engineering knowledge, expertise in emerging technologies and development of non-technical skills.

To ensure our workforce can meet these needs we require:
✅ Investment in education and training
✅ Promotion of productive and well-paid careers
✅ Reforms to the Apprenticeship Levy
✅ Immigration system that supports attracting international talent for hard to fill roles