Strengthening ESG capabilities for long term growth

Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future. Their ability to adapt and innovate is essential for progress. 

As companies work towards Net Zero, balancing growth with environmental stewardship is crucial as aviation’s carbon footprint is under scrutiny.

Greenhouse Gas Reporting


A guide to GHG reporting for aerospace and defence SMEs

Measuring and reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is foundational for a sustainable future.

This comprehensive guide provides practical insights, step by step instructions and a worked example for both mandatory and voluntary GHG reporting. Access the guide from our members area.

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ADS has developed in collaboration with industry experts, the ESG Pathway. This comprehensive framework guides organisations through their transformative journey towards achieving sustainability and embedding ESG principles from Bronze, Silver to Gold.

Movement along the Pathway requires reductions in areas such as CO2 footprint and waste, whilst demonstrating corresponding improvements in organisational capabilities to maintain sustainability performance over time. 

Take the Assessment below to identify where you are on the ESG Pathway.

ESG Assessment Tool


Identify your ESG Maturity

Embark on your sustainable journey by assessing your current level of maturity.

By answering a series of self-assessment questions the ESG Assessment Tool identifies where you are on a Pathway of Bronze, Silver or Gold – and provides an automated report with detailed analysis. Access the tool from our members area.

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Sustainability ADS Boards and Special Interest Groups

Aerospace and defence sector priorities are represented through a number of ADS Boards and Special Interest Groups including: