Competitiveness in supply chains is paramount for modern businesses to succeed. Collaboration with partners, efficient logistics and talent retention are vital to sustaining competitiveness in our complex sectors.

A competitive supply chain allows for flexibility, risk mitigation and global expansion. By reducing lead times, enhancing communication and improving market responsiveness, it enables companies to seize opportunities – securing contracts, driving technological advancements and maintaining global leadership.

SME contribution to competitiveness

SMEs play a vital role in supply chains contributing significantly to their overall competitiveness. The entrepreneurial spirit and agility of our members helps drive innovation and diversity of products with specialised knowledge catering to the unique demands of our sectors.

SC21 continuous improvement programme

Supply Chains for the 21st Century (SC21) helps aerospace and defence businesses accelerate their competitiveness by raising their performance in order to gain more value in the eyes of the customers. Built on 17 years of success, it is a best in class improvement programme for the aerospace and defence sectors and optimises the customer-supplier relationship for mutual benefit and in the best interests of the UK’s national prosperity.

Participants travel through the programme by:

  1. Engaging by registering on the programme either as a self starter, sponsored by customer or regionally led
  2. Assessment – a scalable two-step assessment that incorporates capability performance and feedback from customers. Rapid identification of ‘quick wins’ and longer-term improvement plan.
  3. Improvement – deployment of an individually focused Continuous Sustainable Improvement Plan (CSIP). Critical workstreams and enhanced learning through a comprehensive library of 110+ improvement modules.
  4. Recognition – internationally recognised awards based on verified data, from bronze silver and gold.

Improving competitiveness through operational excellence

Assess your competitiveness

Want to know how you compare against the competition?

Our new Baseline Assessment Tool (BAT) can help you assess your performance and understand where improvement is needed as a starting point to your continuous improvement journey.

Created by Valuechain Technology Limited and designed by industry supply chain experts from the aerospace, defence and automotive sectors, together with input from national and regional partners, this free to use Baseline Assessment Tool (BAT) will provide an initial holistic report of your benchmark, recommendations on how and where you can improve your business and where to find help to improve your competitive performance.

The BAT can be used by either as a self-assessment by businesses or in conjunction with one of the qualified SC21 Practitioners.

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