From technology and exports, to apprenticeships and investment, the UK’s aerospace, defence, security and space sectors are vital to the UK’s growth.

ADS members are the custodians of a world-leading advanced engineering and services workforce, fuelling UK prosperity and provide more than 427,500 jobs to the UK each year.


The UK aerospace sector is a hub for advanced manufacturing, generating well-paid jobs across the country and driving sustainability and technological innovation forward.

  • Average annual earnings of £48,700, 39% higher than the UK average
  • 88% of UK aerospace sector jobs are located outside London & the South East
  • 25% growth in aerospace sector productivity over the last 10 years

We work with our aerospace members to ensure they maximise the opportunities that are available as a result of the unprecedented global growth in the aerospace market over the coming years and decades.

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The UK Defence Sector stands at a crossroads in 2024. Recent events have demonstrated the importance of a vibrant defence industrial base to protecting our way of life. The true value of the defence sector lies in UK safety, security and prosperity.

  • Average annual earnings of £39,900, 14% higher than the UK average
  • 70% of UK defence sector jobs are located outside London & the South East
  • 17% growth in defence sector productivity over the last 10 years

We focus on supporting our defence members on a range of activities by shaping the market and generating business opportunities to enable members’ growth.

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Security & Resilience

The UK’s security and resilience sector is growing rapidly providing advanced technologies to protect against a range of malicious and non-malicious threats.

  • Average annual earnings of £45,300, 29% higher than the UK average
  • 50% of UK security and resilience sector jobs located outside of London & the South East
  • 25% growth in security & resilience sector productivity over the last 5 years

We support security members in their business development at home and abroad and create a forum in which members can engage with government and provide industrial input.

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The UK’s space sector is a world leader in small satellites and at the forefront of a rapidly expanding global space economy. It demonstrates huge benefits to the UK through a wide range uses.

  • £788m R&D expenditure in 2020/21
  • The UK space sector employs people in all regions and nations of the UK
  • Sector productivity 121% higher than whole economy average

Our space team is committed to supporting the sector by understanding our members’ objectives & challenges,  generating relevant business development opportunities and a programme of activities.

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What our members say

I have worked with ADS throughout my career and they have always provided a route to market and an opportunity both to meet new and existing customers and also to influence the key stakeholders in my industry. The value of the collective voice of the members as championed by ADS is significant and both my company and I personally have developed and seen increased success owing to the opportunities ADS membership provides.
Luke Bonnett – Senior Business Manager, Frazer-Nash Consultancy
At OCR International we have found the services of ADS and its team to be of great value in helping us expand our business reach to engage with new opportunities. There are multiple opportunities for this ranging from networking events, speaking opportunities, exhibitions and joining and participating with special interest groups. We would recommend membership of ADS as a vibrant and forward thinking community for anyone involved in the Defence, Aerospace or Security sectors.
Simon Heath, Director of Sales from OCR
As an ADS member, I am able to attend many diverse events, spread geographically across the UK. These present amazing opportunities to connect, collaborate and even to sell. The Special Interest Groups allow me to focus in on specific sectors, markets and opportunities too.
Steven Borwell, Managing Director, KOIOS Group
ADS provide our company with industry insights about the most important subjects that affect our business. Many of our team are influencing the future by joining ADS boards discussing important sector topics. ADS provides premium access to the most appropriate industry shows and events. The presence that ADS has increases the impact we could make alone.
Anthony Hammond. Divisional Managing Director, Hyde Aero Group
ALTEN's leadership in engineering and IT services has been greatly enhanced through our partnership with ADS Group. Their support has streamlined our security vetting process, enabling seamless global collaborations. The Meet the Buyer events have offered us invaluable visibility, strategic connections, and a multitude of business opportunities.
Testimonial from Alten Ltd