The UK’s aerospace, defence, security and space industries make a significant and valuable contribution to economic prosperity and national security.

The 2023 ADS Industry Facts and Figures guide shows the extent to which companies in our sectors serve as the industrial backbone of the UK – delivering the well-paid jobs and high-tech exports we need to secure a prosperous future.

In 2022, the UK aerospace, defence, security and space sectors’ contribution to the UK was:

As the national trade association for the UK’s aerospace, defence, security and space sectors, ADS works to promote and support their interests both at home and abroad. Spanning the length and breadth of the UK, ADS has more than 1,300+ member companies which includes over 1,000 SMEs.

Supporting 1m jobs across the country, ADS and our members aim to expand this unique workforce capability and national advantage. Our sectors offer opportunities vital to the UK’s future as a high-tech, high-skill, high-wage economy.

The vision for ADS is to advance the UK’s leadership in aerospace, defence, security and space; to enable prosperity and clean, secure growth for our nation.

  • DOMESTIC ADVANTAGE: ADS is focused on the development of a current and future workforce that will help realise our national ambitions.
  • GLOBAL ADVANTAGE: ADS is committed to growing our sectors’ exports and enhancing relationships with the UK’s international partners.
  • FUTURE ADVANTAGE: ADS is working to shape the UK’s regulatory approach to seize future market opportunities in emerging and disruptive technologies.

The UK’s aerospace sector is a hub for advanced manufacturing, generating well-paid jobs across the country developing world-leading aircraft technology, generating highly skilled employment and prosperity in every part of the country. The sector delivers strategic advantage for the UK through new technologies.

The importance of the UK defence sector continues to grow as global threats and volatility increases. The UK remains the second largest global defence exporter in the world, delivering on UK prosperity and innovation whilst protecting our nations and keeping our international alliances strong.

The UK’s security and resilience sector is providing advanced physical and digital capabilities. It underpins our prosperity and secures UK advantage against a range of malicious and mon-malicious threats. In 2021 the UK retained its status as the third largest exporter of global security exports.

The UK space sector is a world leader in a rapidly expanding global space economy with opportunity to be at the forefront of unlocking new capabilities and skills. It demonstrates huge benefits to the UK through a wide range of public, commercial and consumer uses.

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