The aerospace, defence, security, and space sectors are critical national assets that are essential to securing prosperity and security across all four nations of the UK. They underpin many areas of our society, whether it is in providing the opportunity to secure a skilled job in a productive and well-paid sector, enabling the transition to Net Zero, or protecting our citizens – the role and importance of ADS’ sectors cannot be overstated.

In 2024, the UK stands at cross-roads. Growing global competition, proliferating international security challenges, the rapid pace of technological development, and the pressing need to develop a more resilient and sustainable economy are challenges that must be addressed if the next Government is to secure strategic advantage for the UK.

We recognise that the next Government will face significant economic challenges and must carefully allocate resources accordingly, but a strong strategic partnership with industry is essential for addressing them successfully. The UK’s aerospace, defence, security, and space sectors will be vital in effectively delivering the technology, skills, and growth that we need to secure our domestic, global, and future advantage in the face of these constraints.

Securing Domestic, Global and Future Advantage

ADS Manifesto 2024

Ahead of the General Election, ADS is calling upon all political parties to commit to a renewed industrial strategy, supported across Whitehall and the devolved administrations, produced in partnership with industry. Such a strategy would enable our world-leading Primes and innovative SME supply chain to work in partnership with Government to ensure that the UK remains a hub for advanced manufacturing and services, and a leader on the opportunities presented by Net Zero and technological change.

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We look forward to working in partnership with the next Government to implement them and deliver a bold future for the UK.