The first webinar in the ADS sustainable aerospace webinar series happened last month. In case you missed it, here’s the low down.

The Webinar

Attended by more than 60 ADS member companies, the webinar was led by Hugh Clayton, Group Director, Engineering & Strategy, Meggitt Plc. Other sector leaders included Jacqueline Castle, VP, A380 Chief Engineer, Airbus, Herve Morvan, Chief of Future Platforms, Rolls-Royce and John Copley, Chief Strategy Officer – Aerospace, ADS.

The first session provided an overview of sustainable aerospace and the current operating environment, the challenges to achieving sustainable aviation were also explored. The aerospace industry’s commitment to sustainability is supported by a clear and credible roadmap supported by global industry alliance – showcased during the webinar.

However, global industry alliance alone is not going to decarbonize the industry. Both Airbus and Rolls-Royce commented on the importance of core technology changes, fleet replacements and the introduction of new futuristic aircraft. Particular attention was paid to the role of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) with emphasis placed on the importance of scaling up SAF production and making it economically viable for airline use.

John Copley iterated that while there is no silver bullet to decarbonize the aviation industry, the complexity of the challenge is linked to opportunity. Decarbonizing the aerospace industry can be linked to increased investment in jobs and the UK.

The webinar ended with leaders emphasizing the importance of maintaining a fair and competitive airline industry as different countries launch and implement different initiatives. John Copley also asked ADS members to continue to engage in current Government consultations such as the Jet Zero consultation, due at the end this month. An ADS member briefing and draft response on Jet Zero has been written. ADS roundtables are taking place on 10th and 16th August, members who are interested in attending should email Andy Phillips, Aerospace Policy Advisor, ADS.

Future webinars will discuss specific and granular information on sustainable aerospace operations, manufacturing, and supply chains as well as providing practical answers to member queries.

Sustainability and Aerospace

To find out more about the route to Net Zero, see our new infographic. For further information head to the Sustainable Aerospace Hub.