A sustainable aviation webinar series for aerospace professionals

This is the third in a series of four webinars hosted by ADS for our members to explore the opportunities and challenges offered by sustainability in UK aerospace, including examining the current operating environment and providing practical guidance for member companies of all types and sizes. 

Alongside insight into the operating environment, expert speakers from across the aerospace industry will be providing practical guidance, sharing best practice and answering questions on implementing sustainable supply chains alongside production and operations. Each webinar will be supported with examples of best practice and practical advice from industry experts. With COP26 on the horizon and the aviation industry’s continued commitment to Net Zero by 2050 the series will increase your understanding of an important and developing area that will become critical in winning future business. 


The penultimate webinar will focus on sustainable supply chains within the aerospace industry. Designed to complement webinar two, the session will provide practical advice on how to implement sustainable supply chains including details on mapping carbon footprints. Throughout the webinar, examples of industry best practice will be drawn upon.