The UK space sector is a world leader in a rapidly expanding global space economy with the opportunity to be at the forefront of unlocking new capabilities and skills.

The latest figures from ADS and UKspace highlight the £7 billion in value add to the UK economy from the space sector, with turnover reaching £17.5 billion last year.

As the UK’s space sector launches to new heights, it’s clear that key UK events are peaking industry stakeholder attention. Discover just some of the upcoming highlights from across the UK’s space sector and beyond…

UK Space Conference 2023

21 – 23 November, ICC Belfast

The UK Space Conference is a significant biennial event for the UK Space sector and unites the UK and international space communities, including government, industry, and academia.

The conference provides a platform for the space sector to exchange ideas, plans, and partnerships that encourage development and success in the emerging space age. Learn more

Space Suppliers Summit

6 – 7 February 2024, Glasgow

ADS is pleased to be once again supporting the Space Suppliers Summit which is an international business convention connecting buyers and suppliers from across the space manufacturing sector. Learn More

Space-Comm Expo

6 – 7 March 2024, Farnborough 

Visiting Space-Comm Expo is a journey through the supply chain of products, components, solutions, and services that supply the space industry.

Dedicated to showcasing the commercial opportunities available within an industry worth £7 billion to the UK economy, this free-to-attend event is designed to encourage growth across this highly innovative sector.

Two days of business and networking to connect with industry peers and meet valuable contacts. Learn More

Expand your horizons worldwide – Join our space exports Special Interest Group

We have a joint ADS / UKspace Exports Group (SEG) to provide strategic guidance to members who wish to export their products and solutions into export markets. If you’re wanting to network, gain knowledge and ideas in accessing markets and opportunities, then why not come along to this quarterly meeting?

The next SEG meeting will be taking place at the ADS London offices with a dial in option available.

  • 9 November
  • 13:30 – 18:00

Find out more here

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