Welcome to the United Kingdom Pavilion at Paris Airshow 2023.

We are delighted that Paris Airshow is back and that we can once again welcome exhibitors and guests from the UK and further afield to our United Kingdom Pavilion in Paris. You will find world-leading innovative products and services, and you will soon see why the aerospace sector is such a source of pride for our country. View those exhibiting in the United Kindgom Pavilion.

The return of Paris Airshow provides us with a valuable and timely opportunity to engage face-to-face with customers, suppliers and stakeholders against a backdrop of world-class innovation and technoogy across our sectors. We can engage on the challenges the sectors face as well as the opportunities those challenges bring.

We wish you a successful Paris Airshow 2023 and hope that UK industry will remain your long-term partner.

Enjoy your week.

Kevin Craven – ADS Chief Executive

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