The 2022 release of the ADS sector outlooks: Aerospace, Defence and Security and Resilience provides insight into these industries on a macro level. They provide crucial updates along with analytical detail for future opportunity, development, and implications.

The outlooks have been written in conjunction with policy advisors and showcase policy landscape, the growth partnerships, work with government and stakeholders as well as business opportunities in 2022. ADS has enhanced the style and tone of the outlooks, giving them a new feel ahead of the Farnborough International air show.

Government priorities
2021 and the first half of 2022 were important periods, not only was the economy still in recovery from the pandemic, but energy prices skyrockets adding a layer of complication.
The priorities for government and industry have changed slightly compared to the previous year. There are three main points this year: sustainability, global Britain and skills and employment. In the previous year, there were five points, showing a more refined approach with more focused priorities.

The Aerospace sector has faced challenges during 2021, but many beneficial events, strategies and funding have been published in 2022. The increase of maintenance, repair, and operations activity, as well as the increase in aircraft delivery rates has been a result of the global travel recovery effort.
Particularly, a key focus has been sustainability, with the UK government and aerospace industry are committed to decarbonise and reach net zero by 2050.

The UK Defence sector still maintains its global competitive edge and is the second largest exporter in the world, second to the US.
The release of the Defence Space Strategy, the Land Industrial Strategy and the refresh of the National Shipbuilding Strategy has shown the government’s commitment to bring these industries to maximum potential and accommodate for the DSIS’s statements of making the UK an international science, technology, and innovation superpower.

Security & resilience
The UK security and resilience sector is a key in both private and public frames. There have been many key headlines this year, most notably online fraud and ransomware attacks have become more frequent, showing the significant aspect cyber security plays. Another important area is border security, tension between customer experience and security may lead to greater digitisation and wider collaboration with security partners.

Overall, the Outlooks display the health of these industries, which will lay out the foundation for any future development and growth. With the depth and breadth of companies there, the Farnborough Air Show (FIA) is a great way to see and hear how industry has taken up this challenge. Learn more about FIA here.