UK Security and Resilience Outlook 2022

The UK’s security and resilience sector is responding to a range of malicious and non-malicious threats, providing solutions to challenges we all face today and is continuing to make a major contribution to growth and prosperity in every part of the country.

The security and resilience sector directly employs 138,000 people in the UK, delivering high value jobs for a highly skilled workforce, and supports 5,500 apprentices across the sector. Turnover growth continues to increase year on year, reaching £20bn in 2021. Exports of security are £8.5bn to the UK, the UK is the fourth largest security exporter worldwide.

A strong partnership between industry and Government ensures national security remains a priority. This is reflected in policy such as the National Cyber Strategy 2022 launched in December 2021, the Government’s Defence and Security Industrial Strategy (DSIS) 2021 and the forthcoming National Resilience Strategy.

As we look ahead to the future, the Security and Resilience Sector Outlook for 2022 provides evidence as well as detailing the required policy landscape to create a strong and innovative sector with plenty of business opportunities in the UK.

View full publication for the ADS Security and Resilience Sector Outlook for 2022 below:

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