ADS Northern Ireland A Precision Engineering Centre of Excellence (1)

Top precision engineers and leading region for SC21 Business Excellence Continuous Improvement

Northern Ireland is a region full of great engineering heritage. With capabilities developed over many years, there is a strong cluster of modern machining companies. The region can be clearly described as a precision engineering centre of excellence!

ADS Northern Ireland - Precision Engineering Centre of Excellence


  • Capabilities

With the latest technologies in CNC 3, 4 & 5 axis machining centres and CAD/CAM platforms all types of materials are processed including hard metals. Maximising efficiency there is multi-pallet automation and robotic loading systems. Turnkey solutions can be provided with the full span of complementing capabilities from temperature-controlled inspection to metal treatments and assembly.

  • Cost, Quality, Delivery, Agility & Resilience

There is an inbuilt business excellence culture and a commitment to deliver quality products on time. This is evidenced by the success in the National SC21 Business Excellence Awards.

Moyola Precision has SC21 Gold Award, Boyce Precision, Doran Precision Engineering, Exact CNC, Dontaur Precision Engineers, Copas Technologies and SAM Ltd have SC21 Silver, Smiths Precision and McGreevy Engineering have SC21 Bronze. It is a trusted supply chain. In a changing world with long global supply chains, this ability to deliver in short lead-times customer needs, exactly when they need it, is more important than ever.

  • Innovation

Whatever your challenge, you will find companies in the region rich in ingenuity and innovation. Always striving to be ahead in innovation there are strong partnerships with the local universities, colleges and The Northern Ireland Technology Centre.

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