This week is National Apprenticeships Week 2022 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The 15th annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships will see more than 1,200 events take place, bringing together employers, local authorities, colleges and educational institutions.

For our members in Scotland, Scottish Apprenticeship Week takes place from 7 to 11 March.

This year’s theme is Build the Future, and with an increasing focus on achieving net zero by 2050, developing the UK’s Future Combat Air System, developing our Space launch capabilities and advanced security technology, this week is a chance to focus on the skills needed in our future workforce.

Despite the economic challenges of recent years, some of our members are offering apprenticeships in record numbers. Our latest research found there are 19,250 apprenticeships in our four sectors across the UK, representing around 5% of our overall workforce.

Throughout this week ADS will be showcasing our sectors for their commitment to apprenticeships, and telling some of the stories of talented apprentices across our sectors.

Don’t miss our webinar Apprenticeships Unlocked on 9 February, and keep up to date by following our new content on Twitter, on LinkedIn and here on the ADS website. And please contact our ADS Media team with details of your own activity this week.

Meet some of the inspiring apprentices in our sectors:

Meet Mia Pitman, Thales 

Noah Spence, JJ Churchill

Izzy Barrington-Hill, MBDA 

Josie Ready, MBDA 

Jacob Gale, Reaction Engines 

Dan Brown and Haris Pasic, Wescom Group 

Sol McKiernan, Leonardo 

Juliet Dudley, Flare Bright 

Ieuan Wynne, JJ Churchill

Finley, MBDA 

Elin Esnard, Leonardo 

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