In late January 2020, ADS hosted an industry briefing on the Science and Technology (S&T) and Research and Development (R&D) priorities of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). The highly informative event was a direct result of the combined efforts of delegates from the MOD, the Defence Suppliers Forum (DSF), Research, Technology and Innovation Group (RTIG) and UK Research & Innovation (UKRI).

What are the objectives of MOD’s S&T and R&D plans and how can they be met?

The Defence and Security Industrial Strategy (DSIS) is focused on creating a stable pipeline with a more open and transparent relationship with industry on topics such as emerging technologies.
MOD’s Defence Science & Technology (DST) is looking at how the future UK requirements differ from those at present, with a specific activity of mapping the Defence Technology Framework against its S&T capabilities framework.

Two parts of UKRI (Innovate UK and EPSRC) focused on how their science and innovation priorities were supporting BEIS ambitions such as through the Industrial Strategy, growing exports and remaining internationally competitive. UKRI is charged with enabling the UK to be one of the best in research and innovation through delivering the government target of increasing R&D spend to 2.4% across the economy, and alignment with Defence is an opportunity to support this aim.

Are there plans in place to develop these engagements? And are there opportunities to get involved?

Yes, to both.

Over the coming months the MOD will be developing their thinking around DSIS and the Integrated Defence and Security Foreign Policy Review, and will be consulting with industry on both policy areas. ADS will be at the heart of bringing industry views to Government during this important period, as well as working through constructs such as the DSF to continue to support coherence in the defence innovation space. More broadly, ADS is working with UKRI in a number of areas and our Members are fully behind the 2.4% goal.

This forum has promised to meet again in around six months to measure progress, continue the conversation and update plans on MOD-industry collaboration. If you feel you have a contribution to make, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Let us know your thoughts on how the UK can implement and adopt newer knowledge sharing and engagement techniques to increase global competitiveness and ensure that the UK is seen as an R&D hub in the future.

You can read a more detailed summary of the industry briefing here.

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