ADS-Member Spotlight-frewer

In our latest Member Spotlight find out more about ADS members Frewer Engineering

Frewer Engineering is an SME providing world-class design and analysis consultancy to customers requiring innovative and creative solutions in challenging industry sectors. Our core service combines advanced structural assessments, a full suite of multi-physics computational fluid analysis and design capabilities from concept through to full manufacturing detail.

We specialise in the design of metallic and composite structures and mechanisms, servicing a variety of industries including marine, aerospace, nuclear and renewable energy. Our technical capabilities and agile team ethos enable us to support projects at any maturity, from large multi-discipline design and analysis programmes to isolated single discipline projects. This is thanks to our versatile and adaptive multitalented team of engineers.




To provide further detail on our specialist services we have multiple capability videos on our YouTube channel. The video below showcases a case study of a gas turbine combustor rig, highlighting how we integrate structural and fluid analysis with our design process to provide a full turnkey solution for our customers. Check out our other capability videos on our YouTube channel.

At Frewer we pride ourselves on combining experience with advanced technology and multi-discipline agility to deliver the engineering solution which meets our customers’ specification. What sets us apart is the way we achieve this. We have the agility for accelerated timelines, the experience and creativity to find the right solution, and the cutting-edge tools for expedited, high-resolution modelling. Furthermore, we work in a highly secure environment to protect our customer’s IP, and consider sustainability in our engineering, decision making and operation.




As an agile SME with vast experience, we feel we are ideally placed to offer a high-quality, efficient and cost-effective service to industry. The following is a summary of our main services, please visit our website for more details and contact us on or +44 (0) 1306 621321 if you have any questions or enquiries.

Key capabilities and services:

  • Concept Design to Full Detail Design and Drafting Services
  • Advanced FEA services – Linear, Non-linear and Dynamic assessments
  • Advanced CFD analysis – flow behaviour, aero/hydro dynamic optimisation, heat transfer etc
  • Design in Metallics for high structural, thermal and dynamically loaded equipment
  • Design in Composite materials, incl. optimising for weight, stiffness and strength
  • Design to regulations and standards e.g. DStan, BSI, ISO, PED etc
  • Multi-discipline Project Management services