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Frewer Engineering supplies advanced engineering design and analysis consultancy services to customers requiring innovative and creative solutions across a number of challenging industry sectors. Our core service folds advanced structural analysis and a full suite of multi-physics computational fluid analysis seamlessly, and where necessary, into turnkey design.

Predominantly our activities are in the fields of highly loaded and lightweight metallic and composite structures for the aerospace, defence, nuclear and marine industries. These activities include working on a variety of equipment, from military aircraft propulsion systems to carbon composite structures that are deployed subsea.

Our technical capabilities and agile team ethos enable us to support projects at any maturity, from large multi-discipline design and analysis programmes to isolated single discipline projects.

Below we have listed our general and military specific capabilities:

General capabilities:

·         Concept design through to full detail design and drafting of metallic and composite structures, components and mechanisms

·         Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services – e.g. Linear, Non-linear, Dynamic, composite material specific etc

·         Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis – e.g. flow behaviour, heat transfer, aero/hydro dynamic optimisation etc

·         Multi-physics and Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) assessments

·         Design to standards and codes – e.g. BSI, EN, Pressure Equipment Directive Regulations (PED), UK Machinery Directive etc

·         Design for manufacture (DFM) considerations and risk assessments 

Military specific capabilities:

·         Engineering design and analysis in support of the development of air-based equipment, such as the design and structural assurance of military aero-engine testing equipment in metallics and composites.

·         Engineering design and analysis in support of the development of above water and below water equipment, such as design and structural assurance of small- and large-scale naval equipment in metallics and composites.

·         Engineering design and analysis in support of the development of land-based military equipment, such as design and structural assurance of vehicles and weapons componentry.

·         Support to body armour and helmet development, in particular ballistic modelling and light-weighting analysis for composite material based armour.

·         Fluid flow analysis of military equipment, such as optimising aero- and hydro-dynamic performance of structures and quantifying flow induced loading and vibrations.

·         Thermal analysis of military equipment, including thermal analysis for structural assurance and ventilation flow analyses.

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