Viking Arms Pledges £18,000 to the Bramble Wood Project, Enriching the Catterick Community

Posted on 4 December, 2023 by Meredyth Grant

Viking Arms, in partnership with Smart-Shooter, announces a generous donation of £18,000 to the e50K’s Bramble Wood Project in Catterick, reaffirming its commitment to community growth and sustainable development.


As part of their innovative contribution model, Viking Arms has committed to providing a £1,000 grant to the Bramble Wood Project for every £250,000 of MOD contract spend, ensuring continued support for this vital community initiative.


Catherine Clapham, Communities Strategy and Development Director;

'We are thrilled to be partnering with Viking Arms on the Bramble Woods project in Catterick. Their generosity in donating directly to the wages of our team of Armed Forces Spouses in Catterick means that we can continue creating impactful, meaningful community projects as well as directly supporting Armed Forces families during the cost-of-living crisis.


Partnering with organisations like Viking Arms means not only are companies having direct, positive impacts on the Defence Community but we are able to offer more opportunities to more people, be that through employment and volunteering, training and skills gathering and community events for all the family'. 


Bramble Wood Project: A Beacon of Community and Sustainability


The e50K’s Bramble Wood Project has established itself as an exemplary 'Impact Model', offering a vibrant, 3.5-acre woodland retreat that blends environmental stewardship with social engagement. It serves as a serene getaway from the structured military life, fostering interaction between Armed Forces families and the civilian community.


The project's plan includes an array of features designed for community enrichment:

  • A welcoming onsite café serving local, sustainably sourced produce.

  • A communal woodland retreat complete with a fire pit.

  • Productive allotment spaces with polytunnels.

  • A peaceful wildflower meadow with ponds.

  • A future creative learning studio managed in partnership with Rural Arts.

Sam Macarthur, Managing Director, Viking Arms;

"Our support for the Bramble Wood Project reflects our commitment to seeking out initiatives that directly impact and uplift those who serve and their families at the grassroots level. We take pride in fostering a local haven where Armed Forces personnel and community members can be together, in a region which is often overlooked by large-scale, heavily-funded programs. This is about making a real, tangible difference where it's needed most."


Direct Impact for 1,000+ Visitors from the Armed Forces and Local Community


The Bramble Wood Project is already making a significant impact. In one year alone, the project:

  • Provided more than 850 hours of leadership and financial management skills training to employees and volunteers.

  • Created employment for local Armed Forces community members, resulting in £217,968.30 paid to Armed Forces spouses/partners/veterans

  • Engaged with the community including 1,005 footfall attendees at Bramble Wood and 44,806 social media users to design a multi-generational outdoor space.

  • Developed profitable enterprise opportunities (including £28,105.29 paid to Armed Forces related businesses) with the potential for future expansion.

  • Enhanced environmental efforts through sustainable practices like carbon accounting (seeing a reduction of -2.93t CO2e onsite).

Viking Arms' donation marks a substantial investment in the future of Catterick, offering residents a place to grow, engage, and connect. For more information on the Bramble Wood Project, visit e50K’s Bramble Wood Project.