Spectra Group to introduce GENSS at Eurosatory 2024

Posted on 13 June, 2024 by Advance 

Following the initial concept launch in January 2024, Spectra Group, a specialist provider of secure voice, data and satellite communications systems, is introducing their next generation tactical radio GENSS to European markets at Eurosatory, following the successful completion of pre-production trials.
Image courtesy Spectra Group

Spectra Group will be discussing their new tactical radio system GENSS (pronounced genesis /jĕn′Ä­-sÄ­s), their award winning satcom SlingShot and the highly popular Troposcatter Family of Systems at Eurosatory in Paris from 17th-21st June 2024.

GENSS builds on the foundations created by their award-winning SlingShot system, embodying Spectra Group’s vision of producing ultimate radio systems that capitalise on technological advances, adapt to the evolving demands of military operations and simplify the user experience. It has been designed and developed through a collaborative effort of tactical communication experts, seasoned military specialists and top-tier UK scientists and engineers.  GENSS is a significant advancement in the field of tactical radio communications, due to its modular core framework and software-defined flexibility, heralding a new era in communication technology.  

Since January, Spectra Group have continued development of the GENSS platform at pace using initial working prototypes to prove key concepts. At Eurosatory, Spectra Group are announcing the success of key concept capability prototype trials. This month they have completed ‘over the air’ Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) testing which has proved critical initial operating concept capabilities for the key planned modes of operation. GENSS to SlingShot - standard UHF line of sight radios were connected to both SlingShot and GENSS devices and worked perfectly together, proving backward compatibility to maintain ultimate flexibility and interoperability. LTAC TACSAT communications were achieved for GENSS as a stand-alone radio, transmitting simultaneous voice and data traffic over the same net. Finally, Data Rebroadcast/Backhaul was proved, successfully establishing two ATAK Data MANET networks using a GENSS Bridge, connected through the Inmarsat L-TAC (satellite) BLOS service, thus delivering high data rate transmissions over strategic distances.

These trials validate the GENSS concept of delivering a single tactical radio capable of meeting the extensive secure data, voice, and application demands of modern military users. GENSS is a modular, hardware-agnostic radio system designed and now proven to be exceptionally agile, providing ultimate interoperability through straightforward software reprogramming. This allows it to adapt quickly and easily to diverse user needs. Capable of operating across HF, VHF, UHF and satellite bands from 29Mhz to 6 GHz, GENSS overcomes BLOS barriers and supports Communications on the Move (COTM). It delivers a robust and agile solution for voice and high-bandwidth data transmission across all domains and platforms, whether on land, sea, or in the air.

Simon Davies, Chief Executive at Spectra Group, said: “GENSS represents the pinnacle of our development efforts, transforming complex communication needs into simple, effective solutions.  My vision has been to craft the ultimate radio system — user-friendly, light, modular and supremely flexible to adapt to the evolving demands of military operations and technological advances and GENSS is proving to deliver exactly that.  We are thrilled to introduce such a transformative tool to the European market at Eurosatory.”