Defence iQ publishes guidance on getting innovations onto the battlefield

Posted on 4 July, 2024 by Advance 

Defence iQ has published a guide on how new or non-traditional innovators may develop their advanced technologies and get them into the hands of the modern warfighter.

Above: Click to download the guide 'How to get your innovative technology onto the battlefield'.
Courtesy Defence iQ

Innovation is one of the UK MoD’s main priorities. With current conflicts and rising tensions, the UK forces are doing everything in their power to ensure that its warfighters hold the advantage on the battlefield, which includes the fielding of new innovations.

Since innovations can come from anywhere, the MoD is leveraging itself as much as it can to find new innovations within itself, the defence industry and beyond. Those new to the UK’s defence ecosystem, may find it challenging getting their technology into the hands of the warfighter.
To help address this issue, Defence iQ has released an exclusive guide on 'How to get your innovative technology onto the battlefield' ahead of the Defence Transformation conference on 24th to 26th September 2024 in London, UK. This short step-by-step guide illustrates how new or non-traditional innovators may develop their technologies and make them ready for the warfighter.

The guide includes:

The procedure to getting an innovation into the hands of the war fighter.
How to best interact with the UK’s innovation eco-system.
Why innovation is so important in the age of near-peer competition.

The Defence Transformation conference will be attended by companies such as Cellebrite, Deloitte, Raytheon UK and Aureo Filo and is being supported by the British Army and UK Strategic Command, which is the official military partner. Discussions will focus on how disruptive approaches to defence will redefine the ways in which nations carry out their future operations.

At the conference, UK MoD will be involved in examining the latest developments in people management, procurement processes and the deployment of critical capabilities at pace and scale, in order to transform current systems and ensure the warfighter is equipped and trained for future warfare.