Lizzie Greenwood, the new director of UKspace, shares her thoughts on her new job, the UK space industry and what lies ahead…

It is an extremely busy time to be joining UKspace with all systems go on the Industrial Strategy, the Space Sector Deal in progress, Brexit realisations and many other subjects of importance to the space sector currently underway. It is great to see the association sitting at the heart of the space dialogue, representing its members and ensuring that all voices and opinions are being considered and heard.

UKspace is growing and encompassing all facets of the space industry, we have large and small businesses both upstream and downstream enabling a thorough cross section of opinion to be represented. A recent successful ‘supply chain’ event held in partnership with ADS and Airbus was held in Glasgow with 150 attendees, this was an opportunity for SMEs to have first-hand dialogue with a ‘prime’ and to investigate further how they can be part of future projects. It was also a great recruitment ground for new members for UKspace. This was the first event, with more to follow, as part of a plan to be more inclusive in the regions and support all space industry irrespective of location and we aim to build on this success.

Running UKspace alongside all the current important negotiations and future uncertainties will ensure there is never a dull moment. I hope that we can continue to build on the excellent work of the previous Secretary General and ensure that UKspace continues to flourish. As an example, we will consider the current UKspace committees and reshape and review as necessary; we will encourage new voices into various teams to invigorate discussion on the future of space especially post-Brexit and review membership as to what it can and could offer.

It is an exciting time of change and UKspace will need to be flexible and agile to ensure it not only delivers against expectations, but exceeds and continues to be up-to-date and relevant. Encouraging all of the UK’s space industry to provide one common voice ensures all of our success and prosperity.

Lizzie Greenwood, director of UKspace