This week the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have concluded negotiations on the Technical Implementation Procedures (the TIP). Signing of the agreement signals the continued close working relationship between the two organisations now that the UK has left the European regulatory system. 

Following on from the UK and EU agreement on Aviation Safety, which was an annex to the Trade and Cooperation Agreement. In practice this means that there is now clarity for design and production organisations and there is an ability to address any differences between aviation standards, rules, practices, procedures, and systems related to implementing the Aviation Safety annex.  

ADS has previously blogged on the steps taken to get to this point, and we continue to work closely with the CAA to ensure that views of industry are understand and  equally that the new requirements of industry are all well understood.   

Key points 

  • This BASA will recognise CAA approvals in EU member states and also Switzerland and Iceland.
  • The agreement allows for operations of safety arrangements to continue between UK and EU building on the previous relationship.  
  • UK industry can now apply through the CAA for the approvals they need to bring products to market and maintain products that are already on the market today.
  • All previously approved design certificates prior to 1 January 2021 will be valid for either the CAA or EASA and will not require further approval (Article 15). 
  • The Certification Oversight Board has also been established and is responsible for the implementation of the annex.

There is a lack of reciprocity in some areas of the annex and the TIP which means that EASA will need validate significant work for UK industry and ADS considers that further work is needed to develop full cooperative equivalency in the near future to best aid UK industry. 

That being said, the agreement is a welcome step forward that will give UK manufacturers much needed clarity. Full agreement on how regulators will implement the Brexit deal agreed at the end of last year is essential to smooth operation of the international aerospace market. 

Over the coming weeks we will continue to work with the CAA and members to understand the full implications of the TIP. If members have any immediate questions please do get in touch with Ashanti Basu, Aerospace Regulatory Manager.  

ADS will continue to update the Brexit Hub and is in the process of arranging further Managing Brexit webinars on this content to support members.