ADS has launched a new Special Interest Group (SIG), the ADS Finance Forum, focusing on supporting and navigating the key finance and legal issues for members and member employees with responsibilities, covering areas such as audit, management accounting, banking and credit, insurance, pensions, employment law and cyber security.

The group will provide updates to members through bulletins, meetings, and updates from agreed contributors on a regular basis, which will offer useful and interesting content for members of the group that will help them in their day-to-day activities

In addition, the forum will look to discuss, and provide thought leadership for ADS on matters of concern for our wider sectors and business. This could be on topics such as the role Finance play in sustainability or the legal implications of patents and trademarks. The forum will also look to work with other Special Interest Groups across ADS and the sectors we represent, where it is felt that a finance input could be of benefit.

The Finance Forum will aim to operate at three levels:

Regular information and updates on key areas provided by subject matter experts, most of whom will be ADS members already. These will be available on the ADS Finance Forum webpage in the Members Area and will cover a whole range of relevant topics for finance and legal staff.

Webinars & seminars – as well as the opportunity to discuss relevant topics in more detail, these should offer members increased networking opportunities, particularly once we can organise face-to-face seminars rather than just webinars.

Thought leadership – possibly breaking into smaller working groups, the forum will consider key issues such as sustainability and ESG. Outputs will be fed back to the overall ADS Policy team for further consideration by the wider business or industry.

Group facilitator and ADS Group Finance Director, Jason Sinclair, said: “No matter whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in your career, represent a small startup business or a multi-million pound organisation, your experience and knowledge will be relevant and welcomed, so we invite all members to join.

“I look forward to introducing myself properly once we are up and running but until then, once you are signed up, log in to the ADS Members Area and take a look at the Finance Forum group page and get to know your fellow professionals within our community.”

To join the group, please visit the Finance Forum Group page and click to ‘Join’ the group. You may need to create a user account if you don’t have one. When registering, please use your company email address.  Alternatively you can contact Jason directly with your expression of interest.