ADS and UKspace have agreed arrangements on how the two organisations will work together to support the UK’s flourishing space industry.

Under the memorandum of understanding signed by the two organisations, each will harness their respective strengths to support their members across the UK space sector.

ADS will bring cross-sector leadership, leveraging Aerospace, Defence and Security sector expertise and relationships across the UK Government to support the Space sector, as well as strong relationships in the devolved nations and event management capabilities.

UKspace will bring its long-standing relationships with Government and international space agencies such as ESA plus its deep knowledge and experience of all thematic areas across the space sector such as satellite communications, climate monitoring from space, satellite navigation, space science, launch, and security & defence. UKspace will also bring its skills to support member companies in cross-cutting areas such as space regulation and satellite financing.

ADS Chief Executive Kevin Craven said:

“The space industry is a dynamic and innovative part of the UK economy, with exciting potential for continued future development highlighted by the launch of an ambitious National Space Strategy this week.

“Reaching agreement with UKspace on our partnership arrangements is an important milestone for our two associations. We are looking forward to jointly supporting our members in the sector to grow the UK market share in this growing industry in the important years ahead.”

UKspace Chair Nick Shave said:

“In the context of the National Space Strategy launched yesterday, the UK space sector is gearing up to realise the ambition set out in the strategy and capitalise on what is a fast growing global space market projected to be worth £500Bn by 2030.

“UKspace is pleased to have reached agreement with ADS to work in collaboration to support our member companies across the country to grow their businesses during this exciting new chapter in the UK becoming a modern space power.”