About the AEROSPACE 4.0 group

Industry 4.0, Digital Factory and Smart Manufacturing are hot topics in the manufacturing industry. Our brief in Aerospace 4.0 is to create a collaborative ecosystem across the UK Aerospace sector and to help you, our members, exploit digital technologies. Our goal is to improve our competitive advantage right across the UK Aerospace sector.



Contact Omar Kadhim by emailing: Omar.Kadhim@adsgroup.org.uk or calling: M. +447825 712 534 - D. +44 20 7091 1141  

Steering Group Members


The SIG is led by a steering group. Their diverse range of knowledge and skills collectively support the aims of education and transformation. You can find out more about them in their videos below.

Aerospace 4.0 – Terms of Reference

In the pursuit of productivity, eifficency, and competitiveness gains; the aerospace industry is keen to adopt digital capabilities.

The challenge, however, is around adoption – particularly at the supply chain level. Technology has a key role to play, but digitalisation is not a technology challenge. Moreover, digitalisation needs not be disruptive, transformational or costly, but equally, companies who do not adapt to this change, risk being outcompeted by those that do. Our Mission is to educate, facilitate and foster the Aerospace Sector in adopting these digital technologies.


  1. To create an Aerospace Industry which understands the emerging fast-changing Digital Technology landscape, to be able to exploit these for competitive advantage.
  2. To create an Aerospace Industry which has an appropriate level of awareness of the security challenges surrounding emerging digital technologies.
  3. To create a Collaborative Ecosystem to take advantage of A. and B.


  1. To define a set of outputs (events, papers, etc) that furthers the Aerospace’s industry’s understanding and adoption of digital technologies.
  2. To share knowledge through events where supply chain companies can learn and be encouraged to adopt digital technologies.
  3. To influence UK Government strategy and investment around industrial digitalization, to the needs of the Aerospace industry.
  4. To shape existing larger events in this environment, including Advanced Engineering, Industry 4.0 Summit and Farnborough International Air Show (Aerospace 4.0).

Key Roles

Group Facilitator
Omar Kadhim, ADS Group Ltd

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