As part of our two-part webinar series, the ADS expert rocketeers were on hand to answer all questions those interested in the 2023 competition had.

When should teams order materials?

We advise on ordering materials as soon as possible; some equipment can have long lead times.

It’s a good idea to consider things like whether you plan on using reusable motors or single use motors. During the wet, colder, and darker months of winter we recommend beginning the build process enabling you to be ready for test flights ahead of the regional events.

The rocketeers recommend undertaking three to four test flights prior to attending a regional event.

 Are repairs allowed during the competition?

Of course, repairs can be made during the regional and national finals (for example, gluing a loose part) and will checked by the rocketeers for safety.

Is there a ‘how to build a rocket guide’?

Yes! In the UKROC website huge source of information, there are several guides on there, including the rules, competition guides and links to tutorials.

If you still have questions, you can contact the rocketeers – no question is a silly question, and one way or another, the rocketeers will get you an answer!

Can teams build their own rocket launchers?

The rocketeers provide the launch equipment for the regional and national events. For testing, your own equipment is required which is readily available. It’s highly recommended to test your rocket prior to the regional events.

Where can we test launch our rockets?

There are many rocket clubs up and down the country, we recommend finding your local rocket club and establishing a network there. We have a recommended list of rocket clubs, all who know about the UKROC competition and can provide you with guidance, help and advice.

Can students get sponsored to pay for the rockets?

ADS can’t provide sponsorship to individual teams. But teams can use sample sponsorship letter on the UKROC website to try and find local company who may be able to support.

ADS can help try and pair you with one of our more than 1,100 member companies but is unable to guarantee a sponsor and encourages team to research local organisations.

Additional Support

Every year, ADS is joined by a team of expert rocketeers who give up their time and knowledge to ensure the UKROC competition is delivered safely and follows rocketry guidelines.

Our expert rocketeers also provide teams with invaluable help and technical support during the design, build, and launch process and their contact details can be found on the UKROC website.