This week ADS are in Seattle with more than 35 UK companies, including several SMEs, who are there to showcase their capabilities.

The visit – organised by ADS, BEIS, DIT and MOD in partnership with Boeing – will see Boeing set out its technology strategies and provide an opportunity for both existing and prospective new suppliers from the UK to showcase their technology for inclusion on future Boeing aircraft.

This Boeing Technology Symposium is the result of a previous visit in October, following which ADS and DIT gathered feedback from Members to ensure that they are able to gain the most out of their interactions with Boeing. Over the course of two days UK suppliers will be meeting directly with Boeing engineers to explore potential future tie-ups across the company’s product lines and Boeing, the UK government and the ATI will hold a series of networking meetings.

The event forms a further part of Boeing’s delivery on its commitment with the UK Government to grow prosperity in the UK, including opening up additional opportunities to the British supply chain on future platforms.

As Boeing’s Sir Michael Arthur highlights, the UK has a strong aerospace sector and a partnership with Boeing dating back almost 80 years.

“As the UK-Boeing partnership continues to develop, both in breadth and in depth, Boeing is committed to offering additional opportunities to the British supply chain,” he says.

“Boeing has already more than doubled its spending with UK suppliers since 2011 and this growth trajectory continues. We look forward to continuing to share the competitive and technological benefits of our partnership with British suppliers and to growing prosperity further in the UK together.”