The Aerospace sector faced significant challenges in 2021, the sector is still recovering from the pandemic, but there have been major headlines and milestones achieved in the last year.

The Aerospace sector directly employs 111,000 people and supports over 5,500 apprenticeships across the UK: delivering high value jobs for a highly skilled workforce. The UK exports £15.2bn and has a turnover of £22.4bn in 2021.

Aerospace is a sector that requires great change to get to Net Zero by 2050. There is increasing focus on sustainability, environmental policy, and industrial action. This can be shown by the release of strategies like ATI’s Destination Zero (April 2022) and the ICAO general assembly in September. Along with the awaited release of the UK Government’s Jet Zero Strategy (July 2022).

Looking ahead to the future of flight, the Aerospace sector is turning to interesting and novel technologies including, hydrogen, SAFs and electric flight. This has been helped by the ATI funding announced in March 2022 of £638 billion.

View the full publication of the ADS Aerospace Outlook 2022 below:

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