The UK’s aerospace industry continues to make a major contribution to growth and prosperity in every part of the country. Growing productivity over many years and competing successfully around the world.

The aerospace sector directly employs 110,000 people in the UK, delivering high value jobs for a highly skilled workforce, and supports 3,800 apprentices across the sector. With production rates rising around the world following another record setting 2018, UK aerospace output has grown by 45 per cent since 2010, with annual turnover of £35.9bn.

The positive story told by the figures set out in this ADS Outlook Report show the benefits achieved in recent years by a strong partnership between the industry and Government, with £3.9bn of joint funding in the Aerospace Technology Institute supporting cutting edge technological innovation that keeps the UK aerospace sector a global leader in its field.

£1.5bn was spent on R&D funding by UK businesses in aerospace in 2017, with a substantial 67% funded by businesses themselves. Workforce jobs in design and engineering total 31,000 employees which demonstrates the high skilled jobs driving UK prosperity and economic growth in the aerospace sector to the value of £9.9bn in 2018.

The aerospace sector achieved exports of £34.2bn in 2018 and looks to success in overseas markets to drive further growth. Already present in over 80 countries worldwide, UK aerospace exports 95% of the goods it produces.  As we look ahead to the future, this brief report provides more strong evidence of a sector with a bright future in the UK. We can look forward confidently to the aerospace industry continuing to play a major role in delivering growth and prosperity in all nations and regions across the country.

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