With the end of the Transition period just 51 days away we are making every effort to ensure our members and the sectors are as prepared as the can be for the upcoming changes.

Some of this is to be agreed by the UK-EU Joint Committee but, as Government keep reminding us, time is running out. Businesses need clear direction on what changes are coming and what actions they can take to prepare.

Trader Support Service

This is where the Trader Support Service provides some use. In a letter sent yesterday to business groups, Lord Agnew KT urges businesses to sign up to the Trader Support Service (TSS) to help prepare for the end of the Transition period.

The TSS has been up and running since 28 September 2020.  ADS has flagged this with members before, as have many business groups, but Lord Agnew KT states in his letter that while many large businesses have signed up, there is growing concern for micro, small and medium sized businesses.

How can TSS help

First of all, TSS is a free service, so there is no loss or cost for businesses signing up. The service is targeted at businesses trading in or with Northern Ireland and will provide initial support in key areas of change including:

  • Guidance and training to support traders implementing changes arising from the Northern Ireland Protocol including new declaration requirements
  • Enable traders to make declarations with purchasing software
  • Help traders save time in completing declarations

We know that traders in Northern Ireland may in fact need a separate XI EORI number and if businesses sign up to TSS before 23 November they will automatically be assigned an XI EORI.

Action to take

Simply, if you are in Northern Ireland or do business with a company in Northern Ireland you should sign up to the Trader Support Service: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/trader-support-service

Secondly, you should encourage your suppliers and customers to sign up too.

Read and share the slide deck from Government preparedness webinars on Northern Ireland linked to the TSS.

Continue to use the ADS Brexit Hub and sign up for the Brexit Bulletin for latest updates and ways to prepare as they become more clear.

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