As the summer holidays begin, I thought I would suggest a short and topical “reading list” for those interested in the security sector,  Each item is regularly updated.

1. Government Security Blog

The Head of Profession for Government Security, Jonathan Lloyd White, has started a blog by – and for – security professionals across and working with government.  He aims for the blog to allow a more open exchange of best practice and ideas,  to keep security professionals updated about key changes and challenges, and to bring updates about what is happening in the Security Profession across government.

The blog already features contributions from:

  • Elke Bachler, Deputy Director Security & Information at HMRC, on what the ‘Heartbleed’ bug can teach us about software security
  • Chris Ensor, Deputy Director for HMG’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance (CESG), on professional certifications for cyber security experts
  • Chris Stendall, Security and Business Continuity at the Department for Work and Pensions, on the challenge of becoming a ‘Learning Organisation’
  • Ben Rexworthy, Assistant Director Security and Information at HMRC, on what the Cloud means for the security profession

2. Neil Fisher’s Security Blog

Neil Fisher is a friend and colleague.  During his career, Neil has been Director of Business Development (Security) for QinetiQ, Vice President of Unisys, and a key figure in the Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC).

In his blog, Neil brings much needed common sense to cyber security issues.

3. Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Research Analysts Newsletter

The FCO’s Research Analysts have started issuing a regular newsletter, providing access to their papers (their papers are intended to inform and provoke thought – they do not represent Government policy).

If you would like to know how to subscribe, get in touch with me.  The papers are also made available on the .gov website.

Topics covered include:

  • Terrorism and Trafficking in the Sahel
  • The Changing Structure of Al Qaeda
  • Drugs Debates in the Americas
  • Friends of Yemen
  • International Water Disputes
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: tackling war crimes
  • Central African Republic: Analysis
  • China in the South Caucasus
  • The China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Railway Project
  • Kazakhstan & China: Bilateral Water Issues
  • South Africa’s elections
  • Senegalese Islam

4.  FCO Political and Economic Updates

Through its Post Network, FCO diplomats regularly provide assessments of political and economic factors in key emerging markets.  The reports are varied and topical and aimed at helping UK businesses to identify and pursue new opportunities and manage risk.  The reports cover 31 markets.