Bristol-based software development company, BOXARR, is pioneering solutions for Inter-dependent Systems Management (ISM); enabling customers to combat the burgeoning challenges of cross-organisational complexity to optimise their operational performance.

BOXARR’s software platform enables customers to collaboratively model, visualise, process, and analyse complex systems of data and information, combining disparate sources from across their business on a vast scale, reaching the depths of inter-dependant systems involved in large organisations.

This approach allows stakeholders, managers and project teams across an organisation to effectively map, identify and manage the inherent and hidden risks in the complex networks within their operations. It can be effectively applied to any area of complexity such as; systems engineering, supply chains, planning and process, capability and readiness assessment, program scheduling, joint-ventures, organisational transformation, etc.

Winning an early contract with Rolls Royce to provide them with ISM capability gave BOXARR the confidence and experience of working directly with a Prime.

Alasdair Pettigrew, CEO of BOXARR, said

“We cannot thank Rolls Royce enough for their early support and belief in BOXARR. The value of backing from Primes in the initial stages of a venture should not be underestimated. Our experiences with and feedback from Prime-level customers can shape and enhance our solutions to the best they can be; which benefits everyone”.

BOXARR has since received venture capital investment from IP Group PLC and Parkwalk Investors, enabling the company to accelerate growth over both its commercial and development teams, and expand its international footprint. BOXARR is now effectively defining the ISM solutions market with a rapidly growing list of customers, and securing contracts with blue-chip aerospace & defence companies and militaries around the world.

BOXARR was recently granted £150,000 by the AGP NATEP programme for their ‘Supply Chain Risk Analysis’ project; Horizon, developing an automated supply chain risk alert system for the BOXARR platform. BOXARR is working in conjunction with i3Works, experts in project management, who receive funding from Scottish Enterprise.

NATEP is funding the R&D into testing features on client partners Rolls Royce and Airbus. Ultimately, the project aims to develop the software to provide customers with real-time monitoring and reporting of external events, e.g. financial, political, that can impact parts of their often global supply chains.

BOXARR’s CTO, Dr Robert Smith PhD, said

“The NATEP award has contributed enormously to the innovation and development of BOXARR’s capabilities. Horizon will deliver exceptional value to our customers and has enormous potential to deliver added-value across a wide range of other BOXARR applications beyond supply chain”.
BOXARR have recently celebrated the signing of a 4-year contract with Airbus to optimise the performance of their global supply-chain.

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