They say old school is always better. Is it though? The only thing I got excited about when I was a kid at school was when the lunch bell rang, and I could finally go outside and kick a ball. Alas, with the invent of new VR, games and teaching methods – it’s a lot easier to get school kids excited to learn.

Minecraft is one of the most successful games OF ALL TIME. It is the worlds most played game and nearly doubles the number of sales of the second ranked game (GTA V). Enginuity have harnessed its popularity to bring aerospace engineering to life in a fun and innovative way. Doing things that are impossible in the classroom such as coding landing gear and building lithium-ion batteries.

ADS is partnering with Enginuity to promote the Skills Miner game to schools, engaging students with the aerospace sector – aimed at 11–14-year-olds, Enginutiy have award-winning lessons that enable users to immerse themselves in engineering: tackling challenges; solving problems and gaining real insight into what it takes to become an engineer. Check out the video guides and download resources here.

  • Game & Lesson 1: Constructing an Aeroplane
  • Game & Lesson 2: Coding the Flight Deck
  • Game & Lesson 3: Making Sustainable Fuel
  • Game & Lesson 4: Creating Future Aircraft

The user will play in the role of an apprentice. On their first lesson they will meet the team and find out everyone’s role. They will discover how stress testers save lives and how artistic skills can benefit in computer aided design. Students will learn about different parts of the plane and why certain aspects are designed in the way they are. Experimenting with different materials, users will understand why certain mediums are used to construct planes.

On the Second lesson, users code and test the landing gear and the emergency lighting in the flight deck, while also learning about becoming a pilot and exploring the world. In our sustainability lesson, users learn about the fuels of the future, experimenting in ways not possible in the classroom, splitting elements and creating compounds using the chemistry features in Minecraft. Eventually, building a lithium battery.

The final lesson is all about inspiration, understanding the challenges engineers are tackling right now and the possible routes of solutions. They will learn about sustainable aviation and vertical take-offs in an engaging way.
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