Aviation Week have released a great infographic (below) on just a few of the fuel saving technologies that will be available on the next generation of Single Aisle aircraft set to enter the market over the next decade.13fda465-1e06-4762-ade0-af139a005a13_Full

Interestingly, the point is made in Aviation Week’s accompanying blog post that many commentators have effectively bypassed the advances in technology seen in the smaller narrow-body market, by drawing too much of a comparison with the huge shift in innovation seen in the wide-body market with the 787 and A350.

However, these developments should not be overlooked. In a market where many of these single aisle aircraft will be bought and used by Low Cost Carriers (LCCs), significant reductions in fuel usage from greater engine efficiency, to new & advanced winglets and composite structures, means that these benefits will ultimately be passed onto the customer.

The already large order numbers for the A320Neo, 737MAX, C-Series and C919 signal how much these sometimes overlooked technology improvements actually mean to airlines around the world.