CBRN-UK – UK Industry’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defence Special Interest Group

What is CBRN-UK?

CBRN-UK is the national supplier organisation representing UK industry’s CBRN capability to government, emergency responders, the military and Critical National Infrastructure operators. CBRN-UK is the one place to turn to when customers need advice and knowledge; one impartial advisor to trust for all your CBRN needs.


What is the purpose of group?

The group represents the full spectrum of suppliers, from large multi-nationals to SME’s and academic start-ups. The aim of CBRN-UK is to act as a focal point to represent the interests of its members to domestic and international Government and other organisations or companies concerned with the CBRN sector of business.

CBRN-UK provides:

  • A gateway to the UK’s CBRN industry for national and international customers
  • A focus for UK Government Departments to turn to when seeking an industrial view when formulating policy in the CBRN field and a focal point for industry to represent its views to HMG
  • A co-ordinating function to communicate with overseas governments and organisations concerned with CBRN equipment or service area and which HMG can utilise to host incoming delegations
  • Forums in which members and observers can discuss, in confidence, CBRN issues of mutual interest
  • Opportunities for members to participate in shared marketing activities
  • Opportunities for business-to-business networking
  • Opportunities for informed speakers to address members on current and appropriate issues concerned with the CBRN environment

How many member organisations are there?

CRBN-UK currently consists of 48 member companies, including 3M, Emergent Countermeasures, Kromek & Draegar. View the full list here

Find out more in our CBRN-UK Members Brochure

Tell us about some recent SIG activities/events/developments?

The group’s most recent activities include the Counter-Threat Pavilion at Security & Policing, followed by the well-attended curry night social for members that are staying in Farnborough for the duration of the event. We also went to the newly-opened BattleLab for our most recent full group meeting.


What are some of the group’s upcoming activities and events?

Upcoming events include another full group meeting (hosted by member company Camfil) in July. In September we will be exhibiting in Counter-Threat Pavilion at International Security Expo with live demo’s from EST (Export Support Team based at Larkhill). Finally CBRN-UK along with Counter-EO, DPAC and Army HQ will run a three day Counter-Threat Symposium in November at Farnborough. Find out more

Counter-Threat Symposium 2022


How to join

You can find out more about CBRN-UK at or contact Group Facilitator Allison Spyer:

T: 0207 091 1120