ADS member guest blog written by Mark Biggs, Chief Executive, Eminent Crisis Management Group

Recent years have shown that the risk of terrorist attack in the United Kingdom has significantly increased and attacks are far more deadly and violent from those we have experienced historically. The London attacks on the 7th July 2005 was probably the turning point in demonstrating how indiscriminate attacks would become.

Following the deadly Manchester Arena attack in 2017, a recent public enquiry found failings in both private and public sector support present on that evening. These failings have contributed to the recent period of consultation that has taken place and ended in early July 2021. We will have to wait to see what will result from the consultation and subsequent political debate that takes place, but one thing is guaranteed, certain businesses will need to show that their preparation and processes in this area must improve.

As part of our increased training provision, Eminent Crisis Management Group now offer Protect Duty and Active Threat certified training, delivered by counter terrorist specialists and CPD certified. Our immediate team consists of former members of UK Special Forces who have written and will deliver this input.  The course aims to provide advice on nationally recognised procedures (in agreement with police and other emergency services) for personal safety in the event of an active threat situation occurring. The training will close the knowledge gap and increase the awareness that will enable the detection, the deterrent, and the response to an active threat situation.

About the training

The training is applicable to all businesses, government facilities, educational facilities, areas of large public gatherings, religious groups. The target audience being business managers, security managers, front line workers, security personnel, non-security staff and volunteers. Modules and workshops will include the development of an emergency action plan, discuss emergency procedures including evacuation, safe room security, medical training and neutralising the threat and behavioural awareness. Practical training and exercises can be tabletop or at the workplace.

Eminent Crisis Management Group are confident that alongside government material and the ACT APP, the training will support employers in reducing the risk further and meet government expectation for businesses to be prepared for future attack attempts.

Further information

All ADS members receive a discount on the full course cost. To discuss your own requirements further, contact Eminent using the weblink below or by dialling +44 (0) 844 282 1819.