The next government will face some very tough decisions, on public finances and sustaining growth. But whatever the outlook, it will have choices.

ADS believe that investing in long-term growth offers the best route to balancing the nation’s books, delivering national security and ensuring economic prosperity.

The UK’s aerospace, defence, security and space sectors all offer exciting growth opportunities. These globally competitive sectors are vital to our future as a high-tech, high-skill, high-wage economy. Investment is key to the UK’s growth.

Our members want the UK to invest in innovation, skills and supply chains now so that we have the technology, people and growth that will strengthen our competitive advantage in fast-growing global markets. Just as important will be providing policy stability, focusing funding and creating the conditions for business to invest with confidence.

Working in partnership, government and our industries can deliver the well-paid jobs and high-tech exports we need to secure sustainable growth.

ADS Election Manifesto – Invest in Growth

ADS’ Election Priorities are: