Blog written by Stephen Headley, Graduate Systems Engineer, Leonardo, and Member of ADS’s New Professionals Forum. 

The New Professionals Forum (NPF) is a thriving special interest group full of enthusiastic ADS Members new to the aerospace, defence, security, and space sectors. The forum provides an important avenue for NPF Members to develop their skills and talents, to advance their careers across our sectors, and to engage with the future of the industry.

NPF Aims and Objectives 2023

We will support NPF member Personal Development through webinars on themes such as:

  • Managing Professional Relationships for New Professionals.
  • Creating and Maintaining your Personal Brand.
  • New Professionals Wellbeing.

We will support NPF member Career Development through hosting/attending events and producing resources to promote awareness and offer insight into career pathways and skills.

We will support NPF inclusivity and Community Development through:

  • Gaining an insight into member backgrounds, interests and engagement in a member survey.
  • Striving to increase the sectors and functions currently underrepresented within the NPF.
  • Exploring opportunities to drive inclusivity of sector-wide minority groups.
  • Collaborating with other new professionals organisations.
  • Developing a stronger community atmosphere through regional events.

We will explore new avenues for NPF member engagement, particularly focusing on virtual and in-person events.

The NPF Committee came together at the turn of the year to set out our aims and objectives for 2023. These cover the support of member development and the growth of the NPF community. We believe that a focus on these key areas align with our wider vision to develop & retain new professionals within the ADS sectors and will build on our recent successes.

How can you get involved?

We encourage all ADS Members to direct their new professionals to our New Professionals Form (NPF). The network continues to grow and is a great place for individuals to make connections, network and learn from others. Follow the group’s activity on LinkedIn.