There are lots of opportunities out there for members looking for opportunities around mentoring. As we focus on improving gender balance in our sectors, there are two programmes worth highlighting from Women in Defence UK and the Royal Aeronautical Society that our members might be interested in.

Women in Defence UK Mentoring Programme

This programme is designed to improve gender balance, diversity and inclusion within UK Defence organisations. Delivered by mentoring experts at Moving Ahead, in partnership with Women in Defence UK, this is a nine-month programme starting in April 2020 and finishing January 2021. Deadline for signing up is 24 February 2020.

What are three benefits of the programme for mentors?

Please note mentors can be any gender

  • The programme will make gender diversity issues tangible for mentors, turning them into advocates and facilitators of wider culture change
  • The programme will help leaders connect to meaning in their own careers and inspire them to stretch further
  • The programme will give mentors a vital insight into other Defence organisations, building and developing transferable skills and expanding their network further

What are three benefits of the programme for mentees?

Please note mentees must be female

  • The programme will develop mentees skills, knowledge and confidence through being matched with a mentor
  • The programme will support mentees in taking control of their careers, providing them inspiration, support and challenge to move forward
  • The programme will expose mentees to a global community of like-minded individuals, expanding their network while also developing networking skills

Critical success factors for organisations wishing to take part include:

  • Identifying a dedicated Programme Partner
  • Conducting a strategic selection of mentors and mentees, where participation is voluntary
  • Selecting mentees from the organisation’s internal talent pool
  • Internal briefing and communications to selected mentors and mentees in advance of April 2020 kick-off event
  • A robust internal oversight and commitment from an internal senior sponsor

The cost of participating in this mentoring programme is £6,000 including VAT for up to 10 pairs (mentors and mentees).

To discuss joining the Women in Defence cross-company mentoring programme, or find out about any aspect of it, please contact Ben from Women in Defence UK at

Alta Mentoring Platform

The Alta Mentoring platform, created by the Royal Aeronautical Society, enables women working in aviation and aerospace to connect with each other online.

The Alta mentoring platform has been developed to allow female mentors to offer their skills to women who seek support in specific career or personal areas (such as maternity leave, career breaks or work-life balance) and for female mentees to identify a mentor with the suitable experience to suit their development needs.