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Showcase expertise and demonstrate capability through next generation interactive digital presentations.

ADS members StiloTouch are dedicated to helping aerospace, defence and space leaders showcase technical expertise and demonstrate domain capability through their next generation interactive digital presentation platform StiloTouch.


A shift-change from traditional, inflexible and linear decks, StiloTouch delivers impact and understanding through dynamic interactivity with a rich mix of animation, video, motion graphics, interactive tap points and more. Its design allows you to flex the direction of a conversation: tailoring exact content relevant to your audience and moving seamlessly from overview to deeper detail by bringing up layers of animated content and metrics at a tap.

It’s a truly impactful experience that takes client engagement to the next level.

Working with companies globally from their HQ in Worcester, the experienced team at Stilo are passionate about finding new ways for businesses to reimagine their expertise and differentiate themselves.



Director Ian Woodley said: “It’s easy to do things the way they’ve always been done, but this is missing out on an opportunity to wow clients in pitches and presentations – and showcase the innovative work they do. Our aerospace, defence and advanced manufacturing clients have historically suffered the same challenges – a multitude of separate marketing assets and PDFs or an inflexible static deck which does not allow for impromptu discussion. The result is a disjointed customer experience which fails to deliver.”

“StiloTouch changes all that. It takes away the hassle of having to constantly tailor presentations for different clients. It gives you the power to do things differently through interactive and agile presentations, adapting and flexing to tell a story depending on who you are talking to. Plus, it embeds instant, offline access to interactive tap points, motion graphics, product videos or animated performance metrics which create massive impact, drive conversation and ultimately help increase sales.”



Client Responses

“StiloTouch allows us to have a far more interactive discussion, delivering a more impactful overview of the company” ADS member and NATO certification leader

“With StiloTouch we can tailor the customer experience to exactly what they want to see, different every time.” Global robotics manufacturer

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