PPM Systems specialises in products for government and military, supplying customised RF
systems including:

  • RF over fibre solutions
  • Antenna and signal conditioning solutions up to 40 GHz
  • Satellite link emulators for GEO/MEO/LEO, GNSS and MIMO
  • Complex RF environment signal capture, analysis and wideband simulation.

We offer a responsive service, fast prototyping and advice on choosing the best technology. We also have extensive experience with applications requiring high levels of data security.

CEMA Integration

PPM Systems is defining open standards for applying RF over fibre to the next generation of
defence procurement by:

  • Seeding, maturing and applying open standards, including MORA, Open VPX and JICD 4.2 (CS).
  • Integration of open standards into the CEMA environment by engaging commercial, technical and
    user communities.
  • Blending core competencies with other system integrators in collaborative teams.
  • Developing with future extensibility in mind, allowing maximum value to be extracted from systems
    as they are upgraded through their service life.

RF over Fibre Systems

Our core fibre optic transmission and reception technology can be integrated with third-party
systems. Carrying RF signals over fibre has many advantages including:

  • No signal loss or degradation
  • Exceptionally wide bandwidth
  • Frequency and modulation agnostic
  • Non-galvanic connection
  • EMC compliant and immune to EMP and EMI
  • Multiplexing/combining with no intermodulation issues
  • Path length up to hundreds of km.

Software-Defined Radio Systems

Software-Defined Radio (SDR) is becoming the dominant technology in radio communications, with advantages over traditional systems, including:

  • Wider operating ranges
  • High instantaneous bandwidth
  • Re-programming and re-tasking in the field.

Our Crossbow multi-role SDR scanning/decoding system is designed to provide special operations users with real-time, mission-critical data on the EM environment.


We cover a range of defence applications for land, sea and air including communications, EW and SIGINT. Bandwidths range from 2 MHz to 40 GHz for vehicle and manpack configurations, with aviation rated antennas also offered. We have an on-site anechoic chamber test and verification facility for design and manufacture of bespoke antennas.

RF Filtering and Conditioning

We offer bespoke filter and signal conditioning solutions up to 40 GHz with high power for satellite communication, military and other sectors using a range of filtering technologies.