“Kaizen”, or “Change for the Better” is the Japanese term for Continuous Improvement. Founded in 1985 by world leading expert Masaaki Imai, Kaizen Institute’s mission is to challenge and support organisations to achieve world class results. Kaizen Institute’s support leaders in the design and implementation of pragmatic solutions that generate Business Growth and Profitability.

Kaizen Institute combine the experience and skills of over 500 consultants representing more than 60 countries to deliver the best service across all sectors. Their teams consist of the brightest and most innovative minds, with the fundamental belief that our Kaizen methodology can be applied to make any organisation better.


Kaizen Institute use Kaizen and Lean methods to transform the productivity, profitability and strategy of our clients while changing the culture to ensure growth, profitability, and sustainability for the future. The Continuous Improvement models are designed to offer organisations the ability to adapt and achieve operational excellence through improvement of their processes, products and services. These are used to establish competitive advantages in the public and private
sectors by eliminating waste, motivating employees and optimising processes.

Improving the world with Everyone, Everywhere, Every Day – the Kaizen Way

In the recently published “Strat to Action” book by Alberto Bastos and Charlie Sharman, the authors guide the reader through a Lean transformation journey conducted by this methodology. The reader will get the chance to see the creation of a successful strategy, focusing on meaningful Breakthroughs, aligning the management team and delivering superior performance.

“Strat to Action” is the complete guide for leaders who are determined to win.”
– George Koenigsaecker

The book is now available to purchase in both paperback and eBook formats at uk.kaizen.com/Books.html


Dan Alexander
Managing Director