Member Spotlight-ANGOKA

Embedding Trust into Connected Devices

Established in 2019 with the mission to protect the future of Smart Mobility and Smart Cities, ANGOKA is a UK-based company that provides high-assurance, quantum-resilient solutions to safeguard critical IoT machine-to-machine communications.

With the rise in IoT devices and insecure networks, connected devices are on the front line of cyber attacks. ANGOKA offers a paradigm shift in cybersecurity protocols, providing unique, tamper-proof IDs for device authentication, which are bound into secure networks of connectivity and trusted data communication.

ANGOKA’s novel approach has seen it recognised by the UK Government as one of the UK’s Most Innovative Cybersecurity SMEs, and it was the first NI start-up to be selected for National Cyber Security Council’s Cyber Accelerator programme.

Their cybersecurity solution embeds trust and enables organisations to achieve and maintain a high level of cybersecurity across their operations, for applications including: UAV Operations, Intelligent Transport Systems, Teleoperations of Autonomous Vehicles, and Health & Usage Monitoring.

Unmanned Air Vehicles

Commercial usage of UAV technology is growing, with applications for inspection, delivery, surveillance and military/defence purposes. Remote ID, authentication and secure connectivity between UAVs and Operators are critical to safeguarding these applications and unlocking the great potential of UAV usage for the benefit of our society, economy and environment.

ANGOKA is now developing its next-generation electronic conspicuity device for UAVs – RANGER.

RANGER has been refined through participation in various InnovateUK projects and ensures digital resilience and operational integrity by packaging connectivity, security and identification into one, easily implemented solution. It can be immediately deployed via a retrofittable, hook-on device and offers a cost-effective, tamper-proof, quantum-resilient solution to protect your valuable assets from cyber threats.

RANGER’s key features include:ANGOKA-Ranger

  • Authentication and encryption for secure command and control or telemetry communications
  • Retrofittable for immediate deployment
  • Plug-in alternative for systems integration
  • Support for VLOS & BVLOS operations
  • Compatible with internal & external power sources
  • Powered by 5G
  • Developed for GNSS, BLE, Wi-Fi & Cellular networks
  • Designed to meet DO-160 standard for Airborne Equipment

Discover how ANGOKA can protect your UAV operations by viewing the product brochure: HERE

ANGOKA is actively seeking collaborations and partnerships with interested parties.

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