AdaCore’s business is centred around helping developers build safe, secure and reliable software. With nearly three decades of experience working with the most respected companies in industries such as aerospace, defence, security, space and more, they build tools and provide services that ease the complex and often difficult process of developing high-integrity software.

AdaCore’s product portfolio provides development teams with full-featured, multi-language software construction and verification tools, along with world-class technical support from our global team of experts.

AdaCore’s UK technical centre-of-excellence supports the UK’s thriving aerospace and defence industries through collaborative research and development initiatives. Currently, AdaCore is a partner in HICLASS, a £32m investment program, led by Rolls-Royce Control Systems. HICLASS aims to drive new technologies and best-practice throughout the UK aerospace supply chain, enabling the UK to continue to affordably develop safe, secure and state of the art avionics systems. Find out more about this project here.

Collaboration has always been at the centre of AdaCore’s business, as demonstrated through their pioneering involvement in the Open Source Software movement. They are proud to have been associated with the Ada programming language from the beginning and now support a growing number of other languages. Through AdaCore’s contributions to platforms such as GitHub, they continue to embrace this collaborative and dynamic interaction with both users and Open Source technologies.

Join AdaCore at the first virtual High Integrity Software conference about continuing innovation in the face of global challenge, brought to you by AdaCore and Altran. Taking place on November 17th, you can register today for this free event here.

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Emma Adby
Managing Director of AdaCore Ltd