Blog written by Lewie Haar, ADS Public Affairs Advisor. 

My name is Lewie Haar and I am the new Public Affairs Advisor for ADS, joining the Public Affairs Team.  

I join ADS having recently completed my Master’s in Public Policy and Administration from the London School of Economics. I am originally from Canada, where I studied Political Science, earning a undergraduate degree from McGill University.  

Prior to my studies, I volunteered and worked on multiple election campaigns in Canada at all levels of government. These experiences cultivated my passion for political engagement, policy and public affairs. This led me to pursue work in public affairs, working at two different agencies on behalf of clients in various sectors and industries.  

Joining ADS 

Following my Master’s, I found myself eager to apply my experience in politics and public affairs to new fields, industries, and policy areas. Joining ADS only a few weeks ago, I’ve quickly learned about the significant role ADS’s sectors play in contributing to the UK economy and driving innovation and growth in all regions around the country. Given this, I am looking forward to working on behalf of members to further their interests among key political stakeholders. I am also excited to work with members to develop my knowledge further of their sectors.  

My first few weeks have been lively to say the least. From engaging with new Ministers, to assisting on the delivery of two party conference programmes, to beginning the initial stages of planning for the 2023 ADS Annual Dinner, there has not been a dull moment. My time at ADS so far has been highly enjoyable and I am happy to be a part of such a welcoming team.  

Outside of work I enjoy travelling around the UK and seeing all the great scenery this country has to offer, and discovering London and all its many hidden gems.  

Connect with me on LinkedIn here.