In our latest blog marking Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2023, we meet Jonny Harvey a Woodward Apprentice.

What made you want to pursue a career in the sector and an apprenticeship?

I decided to pursue a career in engineering and work towards gaining an apprenticeship as I wanted to have a more stable career path for my future. I wasn’t happy with the career path I was going down and I knew it would be beneficial to get an apprenticeship, to apply the skills I have and learn new ones a long the way.

What is your day-to-day role like?

My day-to-day role is to work with trainers and gain experience working in different sections to better my knowledge with on-the-job hand skills like fitting valves, electrical servos, gears, and switches to engine fuel controls. I also work on my logbook when I can so it can be assessed that I have completed jobs, these are signed by the trainers that I am working with.

Have you worked on any interesting projects / programs during your apprenticeship?

I am part of the STEM team which gives back to the school and college pupils by helping at events such as career events. I have been lucky enough to volunteer at multiple events and hopefully give an insight to the pupils of how I became an apprentice and the steps they can take to get into my position.

What has been the best thing about your apprenticeship, has anything surprised you?

The best thing about my apprenticeship is the opportunities I have been given within the company. I get to take part in events and work with lots of different people, who all have different knowledge of the job. The main thing is I get paid to earn and learn at the same time which makes it enjoyable.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship?

I would highly recommend an apprenticeship as it’s a great way to propel you into a long career in engineering. You can only go up with an apprenticeship as there is limitless opportunities along the way.

What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship?

If you are considering an apprenticeship I would seriously consider applying to as many as you can and giving yourself the best opportunity for the best possible career path. If you are interested in a specific company or sector, there is no harm in putting your name forward and allowing yourself a chance at getting a job.

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