Tamarack Aerospace Presents Eco-SMARTWING Solution for A320

Posted on 15 March, 2024 by Advance 

Late last week Tamarack Aerospace was one of 13 companies selected to present their innovative aviation sustainability technology at the 2024 Sustainable Aviation Cleantech Challenge. Held in Denver, Colorado the event brought together industry leaders, innovators, and investors committed to advancing sustainable solutions in aviation, and Tamarack MOU partner, Ampaire, won top honors.
Image courtesy Tamarack Aerospace Group 

At the event, Tamarack Aerospace's President, Jacob Klinginsmith, took the stage to present Tamarack's groundbreaking Eco-SMARTWINGTM solution for the A320 aircraft. This innovative technology offers airlines a remarkable 8-12% improvement in fuel efficiency, representing a significant step forward in reducing emissions and operating costs; and a near-term solution in a field of sustainability solutions that are best measured in decades.

"Tamarack Aerospace is honored to have been part of the 2024 Sustainable Aviation Cleantech Challenge," said Klinginsmith. "Our Eco-SMARTWING solution demonstrates our commitment to providing airlines with cutting-edge technology that not only enhances performance and cost savings, but importantly contributes to safer operations and a more sustainable future for aviation." Tamarack has installed its sustainable technology on nearly 200 Cessna CitationJets worldwide, enhancing safety, right smoothing, and extending range by an impressive 33%. Tamarack is also working with the US military and other organizations interested in developing the technology in various fleets.

The Sustainable Aviation Cleantech Challenge, organized by Colorado Cleantech Industries Association (CCIA), serves as a platform for companies like Tamarack Aerospace to showcase their innovative solutions aimed at reducing the environmental impact of aviation. Tamarack's participation underscores its dedication to driving meaningful change in the industry.

CCIA developed the Aviation Challenge in partnership with an internationally recognized team of industry leaders, including United, Southwest, Gevo, Denver International Airport, ConocoPhillips, Arnold & Porter and the Consulate General of Canada.

Out of a field of many applicants, only 13 companies were selected to present at the event, including 9T Labs, Ampaire, AsimicA, CATAGEN Limited, Centroid Lab, Electra.Aero, i6 Group, OMC Thermochemistry, Tamarack Aerospace Group, Universal Fuel Technologies, Vertimass,  WeNeW Carbology, and WheelTug. 

After a full day of vetting from the team of industry leaders, Ampaire was selected as the winner of the challenge. “We couldn’t be happier for our collogues at Ampaire to be recognized in this setting,” said Klinginsmith. “As technology innovators we admire what Ampaire is doing and we have a similar mindset when it comes to innovation: you have to start, and iterate, and scale. Like Tamarack, Ampaire has been setting records as they go, and we applaud the work they are doing.”

Announced earlier, Tamarack and Ampaire have worked on joint programs, with analysis validating synergies between Tamarack’s SMARTWING™ technology and Ampaire’s hybrid electric propulsion technology, offering a promise for cost savings on a variety of aircraft platforms.