ST Engineering Antycip partners with Merlin Flight Simulation

Posted on 5 June, 2024 by Advance 

ST Engineering Antycip has announced its exclusive distributorship agreement with Merlin Flight Simulation Group, manufacturer of advanced aircraft design real-time Academic Engineering Flight Simulators.
Image Copyright © 2024 ST Engineering Antycip

This strategic alliance marks a milestone in the field of Aerospace Academic Engineering Flight Simulation, bringing innovation and expertise to the global market. Through this partnership, ST Engineering Antycip becomes the sole distributor of Merlin Flight Simulation Group's solutions worldwide, solidifying its position as a leader in delivering cutting-edge technology to aerospace engineering students.
With a shared commitment to advancing aerospace engineering education and practice, both companies aim to redefine the landscape of this field, empowering students, academics and researchers with tools that transcend traditional boundaries and unlock new possibilities for air-vehicle conceptual design, testing and performance evaluation.
"Our partnership with Merlin Flight Simulation Group represents a transformative moment for the academic aerospace engineering community," said Michel Pronier, CEO of ST Engineering Antycip. "Together, we are revolutionising the way students approach aircraft design and simulation, equipping them with the tools to navigate complex challenges and drive progress."
Christopher Neal, CEO of Merlin Flight Simulation Group said: "We are thrilled to join forces with ST Engineering Antycip to bring our industry-leading Academic Engineering Flight Simulators to aerospace academia worldwide.

"This collaboration represents a leap forward in our mission to provide aerospace academia with the tools to innovate, collaborate and excel in their fields."
Amir Khosh, Sales Manager at ST Engineering Antycip, will serve as the point of contact for any enquiries related to Merlin Flight Simulation Group's products and services. He brings his expertise and aerospace background to ensure unmatched service and support for all customers.
Merlin Flight Simulation Group’s Academic Engineering Flight Simulators are already established as indispensable assets providing students and researchers with the only focal-point practical aero academic tool, other than wind tunnels. The simulators provide an exceptional tool for practical coursework, research and conceptual novel air vehicle design, performance development and optimisation.
As the exclusive distributor of Merlin Flight Simulation Group's products, ST Engineering Antycip is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of academic aerospace flight simulation.