Space for the Defence, Security and Business Environments

Posted on 13 June, 2023 by Meredyth Grant

Universal Defence and Security Solutions (UDSS) is proud to announce the establishment of its new Space business division, which will provide expertise and support to military, government, industry, and academic organisations looking to develop their space strategy and operational capability.

The company's vast military and security experience has been enhanced by industrial space expertise, making it an ideal partner for those seeking to understand current capability and future technology development. This includes the role of military and commercial assets within a dual-use environment, the application of space technology within defence and security organisations and how companies can apply satellite technology to meet their business requirements.

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The new Space business division provides knowledge and understanding of how space can meet organisational challenges. This includes strategy and planning for innovation, research and development, seamless deployment of new intelligence (derived from earth observation) into existing management and operational processes and ongoing engagement programs to maintain knowledge of technology developments including associated future business potential.

UDSS recognises that space is now a critical element for decision-support systems in financial, industrial, and civilian environments. It delivers increased frequency, granularity, and accuracy of data to feed analytic engines turning data into intelligence, which provides knowledge at the right time to the right person in the right form. Whether you are a space organisations looking to engage relevant markets and those organisations looking to exploit satellite capability or a non-space company looking to benefit from satellite technology, UDSS has to capability and knowledge to support your needs.

UDSS is uniquely positioned to offer a wide and deep-ranging set of solutions across asset monitoring, environmental risk, border security, cyber and environmental change detection.